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Эксклюзивный представитель на территории РФ и СНГ – компания MVA-Group, г.Санкт-Петербург.

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оптовый отдел: (812) 408-72-25
розничный отдел: (812) 331-30-31
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Accessories for Vehicles Hi-Tech, more commonly known as the brand name ACV, has been started in production and development of automotive accessories at 2005.
The main objective of the company - improving the comfort of the driver and passengers. We understand that this goal can be achieved by systematically expanding and improving connection with our customers and partners, taking into account their needs.

That is why ACV has strict rules:
- Cutting-edge technology
- Contracts with only the largest and most technologically modern factories around the world
- Several stages of technical control of the finished product
- Direct production, bypassing the trading companies

The result of such a policy is the best ratio of the main criteria of any product - Price / Quality.
More than 700 companies around the world already joined us in promotion of our production and we hope that with your help, this achievement will only increase!

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